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Solutions for Organic Life is established to focus on creating an ideal "Organic Life" together with you, and providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission is to create the sustainable "Organic Life," living in an healthy, wealthy, and peaceful environment, where organic farming/ gardening is practiced and appreciated. You can enjoy producing and eating healthy foods, and living in a chemical-free, earth friendly lifestyle. It is our philosophy that by learning from Nature, respecting Cosmic Laws, and following the Universal Principles, Truth, Virtue, and Beauty are manifested.

Our attempts is to be a linking bridge between consumers and organic producers.

We BUY the PRODUCE from producers who share our philosophy.

We SHARE our advanced knowledge and innovative technologies through friendly consultation in order to practice Urban Organic Farming.

We SELL the produce through the group of our trusted stores/restaurants in urban areas.

You will create the Organic Life in and around your communities, and enjoy a significant life through our service of consultation, including organic gardening, agent services, coaching, and workshops.

Use of the technology of Effective Microorganisms will enhance your Organic Life style.

An amazing, revolutionary system of purifying water, Quantum Water Generator, will support to transform your life to healthy, wealthy one.

Our PR Supporting System/Translation projects will enrich your business activities and will lead you to success.

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オーガニック・ライフスタイルの具体的実現手段として、有用微生物群(EM: Effective Microorganisms) の活用術を紹介、シックハウスフリーの建材も提供します。そのための実現行動ツールとして、PR支援事業、翻訳事業も推進します。

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The Innovative Technology, EM (Effective Microorganisms) will enrich your life, and will ease your Organic Farming.

EM Technologies

Purify Water

Feel the power of Quantum Water Generator.

Amazing Water Purifying



Enjoy coaching and workshops for creating a better life for your personal & business

Consultation for Genuine 

Organic Life

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